The Company Ethos

The team at R2 Scaffolding endeavour to deliver projects of the highest standard. Unlike some other scaffolding and construction companies, R2 has a personal approach. Building a relationship with the client is very important  to R2 as it ensures that both parties are on the same wavelength throughout the project and are satisfied with the end result.small logo

The company is always proud of the work it does and what it enables its clients to achieve, whether it is the preservation of a historic building, repointing the underside of a road bridge, or access for a new development. Creating good relationships enables a greater cohesion in the process of a project’s completion. Experience in the industry enables R2 to excel in challenging circumstances.

Why Use R2 Scaffolding?

“We believe in long term client relationships, and therefore we deal with people, rather than companies. We like to offer a personal service, in order to provide the most cost-effective access solution for your business. We firmly believe that time invested in understanding our clients’ needs will reap benefits for both parties.”           –  William Russell, Director

Meet the Team


For complex works, R2 Scaffolding is able to incorporate an engineered drawing into a project that comply with current regulations. Many clients require such drawings and can discuss their requirements at the early stages of the project. With a relationship with its designers, R2 is in a position to arrive at the most comprehensive and efficient design to suit the project’s needs – whilst always meeting British and European Standards Regulations (BS EN).

R2 have a Layher grandstand similar to the one in this video.


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